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    "There's no need for us to make the same mistakes as others, and this really helps! Not only informative and entertaining but inspiring. It's a good reminder that everyone began not knowing what they were doing."


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    wisdom from...

    • Robert Pine (230+ film/tv credits, plus our first and most popular podcast episode)
    • Anne Gee Byrd, award-winning stage actress
    • Harry Groener, 3x Tony-nominee
    • Gigi Bermingham (most listeners to the end)
    • Reed Birney, Tony-winner for The Humans
    • Ray Porter, award-winner narrator and voice of the #Snyderverse Darkseid!

    Go beyond acting theory and hear from professionals that have worked for 40+ years…where the rubber meets the road. There are 36+ hours of interviews and here we've compiled some of the best wisdom shared.